Hair Modeling and Simulation by Style

Computer Graphics Forum
Seunghwan and Sung-Hee Lee


As the deformation behaviors of hair strands vary greatly depending on the hairstyle, the computational cost and accuracy of hair movement simulations can be significantly improved by applying simulation methods specific to a certain style. This paper makes two contributions with regard to the simulation of various hair styles. First, we propose a novel method to reconstruct simulatable hair strands from hair meshes created by artists. Manually created hair meshes consist of numerous mesh patches, and the strand reconstruction process is challenged by the absence of connectivity information among the patches for the same strand and the omission of hidden parts of strands due to the manual creation process. To this end, we develop a two-stage spectral clustering method for estimating the degree of connectivity among patches and a strand-growing method that preserves hairstyles. Next, we develop a hairstyle classification method for style-specific simulations. In particular, we propose a set of features for efficient classifications and show that classifiers trained with the proposed features have higher accuracy than those trained with naive features. Our method applies efficient simulation methods according to the hairstyle without specific user input, and thus is favorable for real-time simulation.


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