The Motion Computing Laboratory at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) strives to advance techniques for understanding human motions and creating autonomous and intelligent motions of artificial humans, such as avatars, virtual characters and humanoid robots. We are developing novel theories and computational procedures to capture, analyze, and recognize human motions, and to create highly realistic and intelligent motions that are interactive with users and various environment conditions. Our research contributes to digital media contents, such as computer animation, games, VR/AR, and interactive media art, as well as physical systems, such as humanoid robotics and animatronics.

The Motion Computing Lab is affiliated with Graduate School of Culture Technology, KAIST.

Openings !

We are looking for M.S./Ph.D. students and Post-doctoral researchers who are interested in computer graphics/animation, robotics, and related areas. Undergraduate intern positions are open as well. Regardless of the academic backgrounds, candidates with strong motivation and capability to make technical breakthroughs in these areas are welcome. 

Please contact Prof. Sung-Hee Lee at for more information.